2024 June 28

Two good news!

2024 May 15

Yu-Ling has submitted her paper Probing the Impact of Radio-Mode Feedback on the Properties of the Cool Circumgalactic Medium. Congratulations! 

Combining massive datasets from DESI and radio surveys, LoTSS and VLASS, we investigate the properties of cool gas around radio galaxies and explore the impact of radio-mode feedback on the properties of the cool CGM.

Combining massive datasets from DESI and two radio surveys, LoTSS and VLASS, we investigate the properties of cool gas around radio galaxies and explore the impact of radio-mode feedback on the properties of the cool circumgalactic medium. (Optical Images are from DESI Legacy Imaging Surveys and radio images are from LoTSS and VLASS.)

2024 April 30

恭喜高中團隊成員 李榛昀 和 林睦潔 (北一女) 在 台北市第57屆中小學科展 傑出表現!

2024 April 26

恭喜大學生成員陳柏安同學參與112學年度物理學系大學生專題研究成果壁報比賽 榮獲佳作!

2024 April 24

I was interviewed by 科技大觀園 about Dark Energy and DESI.

2024 April 5

DESI releases its cosmological measurements based on the 1st year data! [Press release, NY time article]

2024 Feb 2 

恭喜高中團隊成員 葉心怡 (北一女) 和 謝濟遠 (建中) 在臺灣國際科展2024TISF 傑出表現!

2024 Jan 8/9 

My group members, especially Yu-Ling and Ji-Jia, have played a crucial role in organizing and supporting a very successful workshop for junior astronomers in Taipei! 

2023 Oct 7 

I gave a public talk about black holes in the NTU alumni association.

2023 June 14

我的研究團隊所參與的國際大型觀測計畫 DESI 暗能量光譜儀,首次公開近200萬筆天體光譜數據

新聞稿:探索宇宙首部曲!臺大和清大天文學家參與DESI暗能量光譜儀計畫 首次公開近200萬筆天體光譜數據  [連結]

Press release: First episode of a new cosmic exploration! Astronomers from National Taiwan University and Tsinghua University participate in the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Project Nearly 2 million new astronomical spectra were published


(影像來源 David Kirkby / DESI collaboration)

2023 June 9

Ji-Jia's recent work about the viewing angle of quasars is accepted by MNRAS. Congratulations!

2023 May 19-21

My group members participate 2023 annual ASROC meeting and contribute two posters and three oral presentations with topics covering mysterious molecules by Chih-Yuan, 3D gas map of the Milky Way by Bo-An, metallicity of dwarf galaxies by Yu Voon,, the CGM and radio-mode feedback by Yu-Ling, and AGN accretion disk by Ji-Jia! 

2022 Oct 15

I gave an outreach talk to high school students. It was about how astrophysicists probe the origin and the expansion of the Universe!

2022 August 18

A series of DESI papers about how the DESI survey was designed, operated, and validated is out today! I am fortunate to lead one of the papers and contribute to the DESI project.  

2023 Jan 26 update - The galaxy VI paper is now published in ApJ.

2022 July 

A HST archival project --- A ULLYSES Survey of the Magellanic Clouds: a Laboratory for the Physics of Interfaces between Hot and Cold Gas ---  that I participate as a Co-Investigator is approved!

2022 June 21

Chih-Yuan got the MOST undergrad research funding (科技部大專學生研究計畫) for his project,  Searching for Diffuse Interstellar Bands Outside Galaxies. Congratulations, Chih-Yuan!

2022 May 31

NTU Institute of Astrophysics and Department of Physics are now a member of the DESI collaboration. I can't wait to use DESI data to do great astrophysical science! 

2022 April 1

I join ASIAA as a joint assistant research fellow!

2022 Jan 26

My MOST proposal "Unveiling the Physical Processes Driving Galaxy Evolution with the Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument Survey" (運用DESI計畫大數據探究星系演化的物理機制) is approved! Thank you for your support, MOST.

2022 Jan 15

My joint proposal with NTU high-energy group "Synergies of Astrophysics and Particle Physics" (天文與粒子物理的協同研究) for the NTU core consortium program is approved! Thank you for having me, NTU high-energy group, and for your support, NTU!

2022 Jan 13

DESI has already collected 7.5 million spectra of galaxies --- an amount more than all the previous spectroscopic surveys combined together! 

A slice through the 3D map of galaxies from the first few months of the DESI survey. The Earth is at the center, with the furthest galaxies plotted at distances of 10 billion light-years. Each point represents one galaxy. This version of the DESI map shows a subset of 400,000 of the 35 million galaxies that will be in the final map. Image credit: D. Schlegel / DESI / Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory / M. Zamani, NSF’s NOIRLab.

2021 Aug 01

I start my position as an assistant professor at National Taiwan University!

2021 July 24

I am awarded as a Yushan young scholar (2021-2026) by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

2021 July 2

I wrote an article about my academic experience and some suggestions for those who would like to pursue a career in academia, especially in astronomy.


2021 May 17

DESI starts its main survey operation TODAY! 

Press release:

3D visualization:

DESI will collect more than 30,000,000 spectra of stars, galaxies, and quasars and map the 3D distribution of matters in the Universe. I can not wait to work on such an amazing dataset!

Over the past year, I have been leading the effort of building truth redshift tables of galaxies from the survey validation dataset and using the tables to better understand the target selection, redshift completeness and the performance of the pipeline. I am really happy to be part of this survey. 

2021 May 13

Hiroyuki Hirashita and I wrote a paper about the origin(s) of small dust grains in the CGM and the paper is now accepted! Thank you Hirashita-san for having me on this project. 

2021 March 11

I am doing a remote observation with the Harlan J. Smith 2.7m Telescope at the McDonald Observatory. 

2021 Jan 29

I got my giant radio galaxy paper accepted by MNRAS. 

This is my 10th first-author paper! This work is done in collaboration with Prof. Xavier Prochaska at UCSC. 

Image credit: Jon Tyson from Unsplash

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